Change…you either embrace it, fear it, or most likely a little of both. ¬†I’ll never forget in high-school and adolescence (yes, I can still remember that far back ūüėČ that people would tout change as if it were a bad thing….”you’ve changed.” ¬†Ooooooh- and it would seem to hurt down to the core. ¬†Seems silly now- especially for those times- of course you change. Every.Single.Day!!! ¬†Change is growth, evolution, and as long as the changes are positive, I think they should be embraced.

Personally, I think people fear change because they fear the unknown.  We thrive on consistency, especially as children.  Actually, I think one of our most important attributes as human beings is our adaptability.  Sometimes we have to push through our fears in order to grow and ultimately reach our better potential.

Sometimes our changes are forced….forced adventures I call them. I’ve experienced lots of change in my personal life the past 2 years….stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis, dietary changes, work changes….all together life changes, and you know what???? ¬†I feel they’ve all been very positive changes (not the actual cancer itself of course), despite how scary they may have been.

What on earth does all of this have to do with design and real estate?  Well, lots!

I love my job! ¬†I absolutely love watching spaces transform and love helping people find and or create spaces they adore. ¬†Seriously, it’s so fun to walk into otherwise unappealing homes with clients and paint a vision for them of what they “could” be! ¬†Most things have potential…yes, I might even be known to have picked up a few roadside castaways in my day…and a little vision- they’re good as new!

Additionally, the home staging allows me to constantly re-decorate my own space. ¬†I’m often asked: “Where do you store all your furniture?” ¬†Yup- new business guys- grassroots…right here at home! ¬†Fortunately for us, we have lots of storage space that allows us to do so. ¬†That being said, I’m constantly moving furniture, swapping accessories and I’m enjoying it. ¬†It gives spaces a renewed energy! ¬†My design advice would be to keep your larger furniture items more neutral. ¬†That way you can always reinvent a space with pillows, window treatments, rugs and accessories ¬†all in a budget friendly manner.


A view inside my pillow/linen closet: pretty apparent that I like fringe! lol.

We’re currently in the midst of a “forced adventure” in our own home as we speak. ¬†A roof leak has led to much more damage than we thought…new porch roof, wood flooring in a bedroom, tile in the master bath, paint, trim, etc. ¬†As I sit here listening to the hammering and pounding, I’m reminding myself that this is a great opportunity for change ;).

Spring is coming (despite the impending winter storms) which is synonymous with change. ¬†People start spring-cleaning, change-up clothing and sometimes get the itch to re-decorate. ¬†Whatever your goals, don’t be afraid to change it up! ¬†Renew that energy! ¬†If those goals are home and or design related and you need some vision or help- Give us a call! ¬†Happy Changing, y’all! ūüôā



Getting Twiggy With It!!!

Well, I must say- staging this cute little cottage was quite a delight! ¬†As you’ve all guessed by now…..I like branches….what can I say!??? ¬†Branches are such a natural, cost effective way to add both visual interest and texture to a space. ¬†I’ve incorporated them many times within my own space: an art gallery (twig bulletin board) to display my kid’s latest creative masterpieces, photo frames, holiday decor…..you name it. ¬†In this particular home, I debuted my latest fave…..the twiggy peace¬†sign!!! ¬†I truly love it! ¬†Y’all know I’ve got a little bohemian hippie in me…..okay, okay….lots of bohemian hippie ūüėČ If I can put feathers, fringe and fur into a project….then I’m IN!!!! ¬†In fact, I was also able to debut my latest obsession……the fabulous furry chairs in the living room. ¬†Totally.Not.Kidding……keeping them post staging! (sorry Mario… not sorry!) ¬†Ahhh- come to think of it… this space actually DOES¬†have all my faves…feathers, fringe, AND FUR (faux of course!!!) Yay! ¬†Happy Dance! ¬†I digress….annnnnnyhooooo….Hope you enjoy the pics and the space as much as I enjoyed staging it. ¬†I’ve incorporated lots of vintage and quirky pieces into each room (not to mention a few subliminal statements….(flag cups under peace sign!?) ūüôā ¬†Hope you enjoy the creative chaos!


Note the rustic sconces with bling….truly a sight in person with the vintage bulbs! ¬†Also loving the fun bedding from Sabrina Soto!


Not even kidding….this table was a castaway….tossed to the street. ¬†A little sanding and chalk paint….voila! ūüôā


This table really is an antique farm table.  The rug is actually made from recycled bottles!


Truly an eclectic space….from the twiggy art installation above the couch (complete with vintage Mexican prints), old school desk painted gold as a side table, AHHHMAAAzing furry chairs, and lots of fun texture!



My Hippie Corner!  Want to snuggle up and read a book here!


¬†Vintage fan….another treasure from Grandma’s attic!

Another vintage piece from Grandma…the trunk! Made it all the way over from France post-WWII. ¬†A little white paint gave it new life! ¬†PS- Fleetwood Mac playing….No Mistake!!! ūüėČ


Beams, Plank Ceilings and Barn doors…Oh My!

Here’s a look into our latest renovation project. ¬†The work actually began 7 years ago when we first bought the property. ¬†We initially renovated it, and have been renting it since. ¬†We decided to sell it this year, and renovated it even further. ¬†I just recently got my real estate license, and thus, this home is my first listing. Woot, Woot!!!! ¬†Mario and I are so pleased with how this house turned out! ¬†We incorporated some of our favorite design elements including: beams, plank ceilings, farm doors, a feature stone wall with a cedar beam mantle and more! ¬†Take a look around…..

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