It’s no lie, most of us are visual people.  We are constantly snapping pictures to capture moments; to remember places, people, or ideas.  Our current age of technology only amplifies this desire. It’s almost as though we are each a walking paparazzi snapping away- no one is safe! 😉  Our visual nature is the driving force behind concepts such as Pinterest, and truth be told, it’s the driving force behind the success of our own business….vision.  Not everyone can walk into an empty house, or a dated home and see it’s future potential.  That’s where designers come in- we can provide the vision and hence bridge the connections to emotion.

My personal love of photos is quite apparent…they’re proudly displayed all over our home, and I especially love the old family photos.  My gallery wall on our staircase is one of my favorite spots, and I love explaining the history behind the pictures to guests and often find myself stopping to reminisce although I see the photos daily.20170808_124911

As a matter of fact, when planning our wedding I booked our photographer first- to me that was one of the most important details- I mean they’re in charge of capturing our most important day!!!  This love of photos that I have is a stark juxtaposition to the advice I have to dish out to homeowners who hire us to help them get their homes market-ready.  Even though I know, and advocate for removing personal photos when selling your home, it’s always hard advice for me to give as I love them so much! (I would have lots of removing to do if we move!)

Well, where am I going with all this photo talk you might ask?  I’ve been toying with the idea of running a contest for Casa de Lazo for a minute, but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do.  Ideas hit you in the strangest of places- my mind is usually running 90-to nothing and I often find inspiration in odd places. A few weeks ago, I had one of those kind of days.  The girls and I went to have lunch with my aunt in Athens, and we stopped into a fun vintage store afterwards….among the funky vintage treasures, we discovered this gem:20170726_185001

I was immediately captivated!  The sheer joy on this little boy’s face, and the hilarity of the photo inspired something in me!  I had to have it.  While I thought it might make a debut in one of our staged homes (and it still might), I think I’m going to have to keep it for myself.  Anyways, the photo also made me think of fun vintage photos from my own family, and I thought- what a fun contest this could be.  Let’s have people share their own funny/unique photos, and the one with the most “likes” will win a free Casa de Lazo design consultation.  Who knows, maybe we can even help you create your own “gallery wall!”

So here’s how it works:

  1. Upload a family photo (the more awkward/unique  the better) to Facebook or Instagram
  2. Tag Casa de Lazo in the Photo
  3. The photo that generates the most “likes” wins….that simple.  The winner will receive a free consultation with Casa de Lazo.  If you’re in the Atlanta area- the consultation will be in person, but if you live afar- no worries- we can provide a virtual consultation.

****The contest will begin today, Tuesday August 8, 2017and run through Friday, Sept. 1st. 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)****Winner will be announced Saturday, Sept. 2nd 2017.

The Rules: yes, yes- we have to play fair 😉

  1.  You have to follow our Casa de Lazo page on Facebook and/or Instagram to enter
  2. Tag Casa de Lazo in the photo, so we know that you’re entering
  3. Photo must be your own, must not be under copyright, and you must have permission to use said photo.
  4. Photo must NOT be explicit (keep it clean and fun y’all!)

The fine print and legal jargon:

-NO purchase necessary

-Must be 18 to enter

-Contest is not sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, or any other entity (other than Casa de Lazo)

-By entering and tagging Casa de Lazo in a photo, you agree to the above rules.

-By entering and tagging Casa de Lazo in a photo, you authorize Casa de Lazo, LLC to use said photo for social media purposes, promotions, and or future designs.

-Casa de Lazo, LLC is not liable for the content that you post, and no legal action may be taken against Casa de Lazo, LLC for participating in this contest.

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