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Change…you either embrace it, fear it, or most likely a little of both. ¬†I’ll never forget in high-school and adolescence (yes, I can still remember that far back ūüėČ that people would tout change as if it were a bad thing….”you’ve changed.” ¬†Ooooooh- and it would seem to hurt down to the core. ¬†Seems silly now- especially for those times- of course you change. … Read More Change-up!


Getting Twiggy With It!!!

Well, I must say- staging this cute little cottage was quite a delight! ¬†As you’ve all guessed by now…..I like branches….what can I say!??? ¬†Branches are such a natural, cost effective way to add both visual interest and texture to a space. ¬†I’ve incorporated them many times within my own space: an art gallery (twig bulletin board) to display my kid’s latest creative masterpieces, … Read More Getting Twiggy With It!!!


Beams, Plank Ceilings and Barn doors…Oh My!

Here’s a look into our latest renovation project. ¬†The work actually began 7 years ago when we first bought the property. ¬†We initially renovated it, and have been renting it since. ¬†We decided to sell it this year, and renovated it even further. ¬†I just recently got my real estate license, and thus, this home is my first listing. Woot, Woot!!!! ¬†Mario and I … Read More Beams, Plank Ceilings and Barn doors…Oh My!